Winter salads and pickles

In 2005 HILA has expanded its homemade production assortment by introducing winter salads and pickles. Modestly started production containing only two products, expended in 2006 thanking to the great success that this kind of product had on the domestic market. Now, in 2006, we have production that comprises 16 winter salads and pickles:

  • Homemade Ljutenica – with small spicy paprika
  • Homemade roasted peeled paprika
  • Homemade roasted unpeeled paprika – deep frozen
  • Homemade beetroot with garlic
  • Homemade carrot salad with garlic
  • Homemade radish salad with leek
  • Homemade hot peeled pressed paprika
  • Homemade hot peppers – Džinka
  • Homemade roasted, peeled paprika in garlic
  • Homemade lightly roasted pressed paprika
  • Homemade paprika stuffed with cabbage
  • Homemade piquant salad – paprika, horse-radish, garlic, parsley
  • Homemade Pindžur (paprika spread)
  • Homemade whole champignons salad
  • Pickled salad – cucumbers, green tomatoes, carrots
  • Brussels sprouts – pickled
  • Sour cabbage – whole
  • Sour cabbage – leaves
  • Sour cabbage – shredded
  • Homemade paprika on fresh cream

We are especially proud to our cabbage production that reached the amount of 120 tons. All products are made according to old and traditional recipes and methods following the same successful path of homemade production of ajvars, jams and sweet preserves. With this program we are realising the mission to become the leader of homemade production in south – west part of Serbia who is connecting over 20 raw material suppliers and who is, in this way, employing small country households in regional system with unique mark of EKO - AREA of mountain Zlatar.

Set up plans for 2007 are:

  • "Zlatarski" cheese in vacuum
  • Paprika in fresh cream in vacuum
  • Frozen homemade sarma in vacuum
  • Mixed champignons salad in jars
  • Semi finished frozen homemade pies with different tastes– cherries, plums, potatoes, cheese, meat, pumpkin etc.

About products from HILA winter program

Homemade Pindžur (paprika spread)

This original Balkan recipe has been used for centuries, with many variations and mixtures of vegetables. Depening on the culinary culture and region, diverse recipes can be found. Our Pindjur is made from roasted green paprika and home grown tomato in order to obtain delicious spread or side dish.

Homemade Ljutenica – with small spicy paprika

Another original Balkan recipe, same as Pindjur is made with many variations and mixtures of vegetables, according to taste. Our Ljutenica is made from rare and small spicy paprika in tasty tomato paste in order to obtain delicious salad or spicy spread.

Homemade piquant salad – paprika, horse-radish, garlic, parsley

On this product we are especially proud because we are making it according to our own recipe developed for those who prefer fresh paprika. We make this true delight from fresh red stripped paprika adding radish and some herbs.

Homemade roasted peeled paprika

Simply roasted and peeled red paprika made by hand, has been packed into glass jars offering opportunity to serve it as salad or chop it with other vegetables.

Home made roasted unpeeled paprika - frozen

Simply roasted but not peeled red paprika made by hand, has been frozen and packed into styro plates. By adding vinegar, oil and salt you will have perfectly healthy salad. It can be served as salad or fried with eggs for delicious breakfast.

Home made Beetroot salad- with garlic

Home made beetroot salad from Zlatar Mountain garnished with garlic slices.

Home made Carrot salad- with garlic

Home made carrot salad from Zlatar Mountain garnished with garlic slices.

Home made roasted, pressed red paprika

Another unique recipe from Serbia, made from roasted red paprika, garnished with carrots and seasonings, pressed into glass jars, gives excellent taste. Salad is served mostly with roasted meat.

Home made hot paprika-Džinka

This is Serbian raw long green paprika for those who prefer hot taste with meals.

Home made hot peeled paprika

The same as Dzinka, but roasted and peeled, so all the spicy juices from within this very hot paprika could be tasted in its purity.

Home made peeled paprika in garlic

We are used to enjoy roasted, peeled green paprika with garlic, a genuine gourmet, in restaurants. Now, we are bringing it to a wider audience.

Home made paprika stuffed with cabbage

An old Serbian recipe, paprika stuffed with grated cabbage in order to obtain sour taste.

Home made sour champignon salad

New original recipe of pickled fresh first class mushrooms in vinegar marinade.

Sour cabbage- whole- in PVC -vacuum bags

Traditionally prepared sour cabbage, often used during winter as salad or to prepare famous Sarma (minced meat stuffed in cabbage leafs).

Sour cabbage- shredded- in PVC -vacuum bags

Shredded sour cabbage prepared to be fried with smoked meat for delicious "Podvarak".

Sour cabbage- leafs- in PVC -vacuum bags

Individual cabbage leafs packed carefully for famous "Sarma".


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