The champignons production

Annual production capacity of the plant is over 120 tons: 40% of the production is fresh champignons and 60% of the production are marinated champignons. They are packed in the 310ml and 500ml jars.

The production mushrooms plant is situated in Nova Varos, which belongs to the area that was declared to be the ecologic zone. Beneath the mountain Zlatar, in the nearby of 3 lakes that represent the largest pool of drinkable water in Europe – over 5 million of m3 of water. The ecological suitability of the area confirms the White – headed vulture whose habitat is in this very zone.

Controlled production process that we implemented in our mushrooms plant comprises the automatic production process, in other words the complete conditions and process control: the temperature level, the air humidity level, the wasteful gases control etc.

The champignons are first class and for their production we are using the compost that is imported. HILA is supplying the domestic market continuously with fresh and marinated champignons and with several new champignons salads that made us the innovator on the domestic market.

In 2006, the HILA Company successfully finished the construction of the mushrooms plant, which is situated in Nova Varos. By putting into work this object, Serbia gets its most modern mushrooms plant that is consisted of 4 chambers, each having more that 200m2 of surface.

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