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Hila Company Ltd. was grounded in 1993 with its headquarters in Stevana Brakusa Street 4, Belgrade, Serbia. Business orientation of the firm, from its beginnings, was directed toward food industry. The first business decade Hila Company was engaged exclusively in import. The first products that Hila started to import were from the domain of confectionary, canned fruits and vegetables, canned fish products, vegetable whipped creams etc.

With the later Company development and with exploring the domestic but as well the international market, one fact came obvious and that is the strong existence of the need and demand for healthy homemade food that is produced respecting old, traditional recepies and using first class fruit gathered at ecological areas of Serbia.

In 2002 the Hila Company starts with the production of homemade, organic food, primary for the needs of domestic market and later for the foreign markets of the countries from Balkan region, EU, USA, Canada.

The program of our products expended carefully and according to our possibilities strictly respecting our position slogan, which also defines the way of our business: "Handpicked, Handmade". We pay close attention to each and every phase of our production process: the quality of raw materials which must be from strictly ecologically suited areas of Serbia, the recipes, the rigorous preparation methods, the adequate packaging.

Year 2002 the company starts with the production of its first products from the program "Homemade kitchen": homemade sweet, homemade jams and homemade ajvar. We produced homemade sweet in seven flavors: forest strawberries, forest blackberries, forest blueberries, plums, cherries, quinces and cranberries.
Homemade jams we produced in three flavors: plums, peaches and apricots. We offered that year three kinds of homemade ajvars: mild, mild hot and with blue eggplant.

Year 2003 we expanded our assortment in the business filed of homemade jams: concerning flavors and quantities as well. That year we introduced homemade jams from raspberries and from cornelian cherries. We also enlarged our all sorts of ajvar production by 50%.

Year 2004 we expanded the production of pickled program and so we introduced: homemade beet root salad and homemade carrot salad with garlic. We added one more ajvar to our program – stripped paprika, and once again, in relation to the previous year, we enlarged our ajvar production by 50%.

Year 2005, which already became trend, we enlarged our ajvar production by additional 30%. The accent in this business year was on assortment expansion from the program of homemade jams – we added to our nature flavors two more: strawberry and eglantine. Also, one new product entered the pickled program – roasted peeled paprika in jar.

Year 2006 we placed our complete production into our own production plant in Nova Varos and thereby we significantly expand or production capacities and quantities. We also introduced one more flavor to our homemade sweet program: unpeeled plums and two more to our homemade jams program – plum marmalade.

This year we also expanded our pickled program and, concerning the year 2006, ringed round 9 homemade products of highest quality ad taste: pindzur, piquant salad, ljutenica (a little bit hotter spread then ajvar), paprika stuffed with cabbage, hot peppers – Dzinka, lightly roasted pressed paprika, hot roasted peeled paprika, roasted peeled paprika with garlic, whole champignons salad.

Working together with our co-operant, this year we produced over 120 tons of sour cabbage as cabbage – whole, in leaves, and shredded. We also, this way, produced 10 tons of winter salad in vacuum bags. Also, our production plan predicts the production of Brussels sprouts.

In this year we ended the project of installing 4 most modern chambers for champignon cultivation under controlled conditions spreading on the surface larger than 800 m2. By installing these chambers and putting them into work our goal to become the biggest leading supplier of the Serbian market with fresh and marinated mushrooms.

The production mushrooms plant is situated in Nova Varos with 4 most modern chambers for mushrooms production.

With putting into work the production plant in Nova Varos, we are starting with gathering forest fruits, processing/ freezing/ drying/ marinating in our production plant.

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