Mission ∧ Plans

Introduction of HACCP and ISO9001 standard

By the end of December 2006, HILA planned the introduction of HACCP and ISO9001 quality standards in production plant in Nova Varos. With successful completion of this project our products will have clear license to be exported to all world markets, especially on the markets of European Union.

Production enlargement

With putting into work the production plant in Nova Varos, we are starting with gathering forest fruits, processing/freezing/drying/marinating in our production plant.

Also, in 2007 we are planning to install automatic packaging of Zlatar potatoes and carrots in D-pack packaging.

In 2007 we are planning to introduce new products – „ready meals“on the potato basis: peeled potato, chopped, au gratin, potato with cheese, mixure of vegetables etc.

Franchise "HILA Eco - corner"

In 2007, that will bring us, hopefully, new business projects and therefore successes, we are starting with one more highly profitable project:
Franchise for specialized objects under altogether name "HILA Eco - corner". Thus, even before the official start of the project we are inviting everyone interested in this business cooperation to, by the phone or e-mail, ask and get all detailed information for franchising.

Distributive network expanding

In 2007, company HILA will expand its distributive network by entering the system of HoReCa objects.

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