Proizvodnja zdrave domaće hrane

ith exploring the domestic but as well the international market, one fact came obvious and that is the strong existence of the need and demand for healthy homemade food that is produced respecting old,

traditional recepies and using first class fruit gathered at ecological areas of Serbia. We pay close attention to each and every phase of our production process of homemade organic food.

Natural aroma and taste will take you to those times when food was prepared with love, respect and patience.

In 2005 HILA has expanded its homemade production assortment by introducing winter salads and pickles.

With putting into work the production plant in Nova Varos, HILA planned the introduction of HACCP and ISO9001 quality standards. With successful completion of this project our products will have clear license to be exported to all world markets, especially on the markets of European Union.

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